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Home: Minimalist Nesting

I'm having this baby in just a few weeks/any time now and I haven't gotten much or bought much, I have borrowed most of the main things, a baby bay bed, car seat, chair and been given some clothes, cloth diapers, etc. But there is this overwhelming feeling like I need to buy a whole bunch of shit. A changing table, a play pen, breast pump, a new home to fill with many more things. The new baby shopping lists online and in books are incredibly long...

On the other hand, I feel a strong desire not to acquire anything at all. To just let this little baby lie naked in my arms against my breast. How much can this tiny human really need? He just needs love, snuggles, and boob right?

I'm getting the essentials ready and then just going to play it by ear. If we need something later on when he's (our babe is a boy, we recently found out) here we can get it.

The past few months I have been consistently getting rid of things in our home and garage that don't bring me joy. It seems when you have the space you fill it. I am not a minimalist by any means, but I have been paring down my possessions to the ones that really bring me joy. I'm really noticing a change in how I feel about our home because I've gotten rid of a lot of clutter. The minimalist struggle is real, especially when you are adding a family member to the mix.

To those mamas and papas, how do you keep your home and space from being cluttered once children join your family?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Calm Giveaway
Today, I have the pleasure of giving one of you a whole year of Calm!

Last fall I shared a list of things that make me feel peaceful, inspired by Moorea Seal's 52 Lists book.
My list included, home, candles, warmth, quiet, reading, intentionally listening to music, water, soup, paint, pencils, writing, playing guitar, arting, walking, singing, dancing, bathing, drawing, sleeping. 

Recluse #5, Anna Baer, 2015, 50X50cm, Acrylic on canvas, 

In addition to the things above, I've been finding my calm in meditations. Dominik bought me the Calm book along with a year subscription to the calm meditation app for my birthday. The app has honestly been a great help with finding calm. The meditations I have done so far have helped me relax and concentrate on how I am breathing and how my body is feeling. It has helped me to be okay with what is happening in my head and body, relaxing, and taking a few minutes out just to be. It's so refreshing.  The folks over at Calm have been so kind as to give one Olive Green Anna reader a free year long subscription to their meditation app. Info below...

Homescape #2, Anna Baer, 2015, 50X50cm, Acrylic on canvas, 

I am seriously jazzed (smooth jazzed....) about the Calm app. It's helped me to be okay and relax in spite of my insomnia. It is also wonderful to take time throughout the day to just be and rest, without consuming or producing anything.

They have several different meditations they lead you through. Sets for different types of situations. I've been working through the 7 Days of Sleep, and the 7 days of Focus, but they have other great things like Daily Calm which is a daily mediation, like a variety pack, or Emergency Calm which is a quick 2-10 minute meditation when you really need it. There's even Calm Kids.

I would love if they made a list for Birthing Calm. Haha. I may need this when I am trying to relax during the first stage of labor. I have been reading that it is best to relax your body and mind as much as possible, to allow our wondrous womb to do its work! Actually the bradley method book pretty much advocates a body scan type of meditation during the first stage of labor. So I think my practice with meditation using the Calm app could really benefit me when in labor.

How do you find calm?

Enter the giveaway by...
1. Sharing one thing that makes you feel calm in the comments below.
2. For an additional entry, Like my artist Facebook page Olive Green Anna.  (and mention this in your comment... :)
Giveaway ends Sept 13th.

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P.S. I was writing this post the other day and then thought, I wonder whether Calm would give one of my readers a free year long subscription, contacted them, and yup! 
You can all join me for this year of calm for 5$ a month (60$ a year), and one of you can have a year of calm for free! 
How Hospitality Enriches My Life

Having visitors and guests at our home really makes my life a whole lot better. It may seem like a very selfless thing, but here are my selfish reasons for loving being a hostess! 

I clean my house more frequently. This is actually a great benefit. I love having a clean tidy home, but I know that if we didn't have frequent guests it wouldn't be as tidy as it is these days. I have a lot of things and am naturally a bit disorderly, so knowing people are coming over soon is a real motivator to tidy up and clean small areas of our home.

I can be a homebody and have great times with friends. We have a wonderful home, I love being here. I am inclined to stay in. Inviting people to my home is a double win. I can stay in, but still have community and build relationships.

It feels so good. I can't lie and say it's not a bit selfish. I love having people enjoy our food, drink, atmosphere, and company when they come over. One of the best, most rewarding things is to have people enjoy themselves at our place. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that our guests feel at home.

Do you have people over much? I can only recommend it!



Christmas Cheer
Christmas cheer keeps me from getting grumpy during the start of winter. I'm a big fan of Christmas tunes, cookies, decorations, and punch. It's nice to have a tree this year. I don't have many decorations for it, but the ones we do have look just lovely. 

Making our home nice and cozy makes this time endurable. I grew up in Thailand, and I think my body still thinks it's silly to live in such a cold place.

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. I'm trying to believe this.  The pillow was designed by Karli Ingersoll, it's a comfort to me in wintertime. 

 Are you getting cozy and festive at home yet?


the hesitant maximalist

When I surf the web for home "inspiration" often I find images that don't inspire me but make me feel as if I  should change.  This occurs when I see clean minimalistic images, with barely any belongings and in the most wonderful homes. As you can see in the image above my desk, this is not the case in my home. The photos I see all over the web are ones with one lonely chair next to a window, 3 pieces of clothing on a clothes rack, or a white desk void of any trace of life. I think these scenes look lovely and I tell myself that is the better way to live.

It may be the better place to meditate or clear your head.  But they would not be the best places for me to live.

Who's entry way can look like this?  Not me, a married lady living in cold Germany, with more than one coat, purse, shoes and scarf.  

Our entry way looks a bit different.

Wow look at this white kitchen.

Though those clean images look great and somehow make me believe I would have a better life if my place looked like that, I know this is neither true, nor truly desirable to me.

My word for 2014 is grateful.

This also means to be grateful for myself. I have believed most of my life that my nature is not good enough and it needs to be changed. My collecting and my home decorating should also be changed. A minimalistic home is better, but the truth is, I would not feel at home in a bare minimalistic home. I need to be surrounded by beautiful things and I have my own style of arranging them in a way that is pleasing to the eye.  Sometimes I need to purge and scale down, but my home and the way we have it is just fine.  It is actually wonderful.

When friends come over, they always mention how comfortable and cozy our home is.  I would not want it any other way.  It is lived in and inviting. We really live at our home and we love it. And our space tells just that. I don't want to fight against my home decorating nature. I commit to being grateful for it.

Thanks for reading,



 At this time of year I always think of my mama and how she used to rely on me to initiate decorating for the holidays.  Since I haven't lived at home in 9 years, she has written to me every year saying she wished I were home to help decorate for Christmas.  I'm waiting for her letter.  I suppose she hasn't yet decorated.

I took out our mini box of decorations and decorated our tree (actually a branch) last week.  I love the holiday season. It's super fun to be festive! 

Let the christmas carols ring!

Do you like christmas carols?  I feel like they are something you either love or hate!

home body
Sunny fall days are splendid to spend indoors.  I am such a home body.  My days off of school are spent sitting in this sleeping bag below, reading, making art, or surfing the web for interior design inspiration.  My mama spends most of her time alone at home sitting on the couch in a sleeping bag doing similar things, she is either reading, watching the tube with my papa, or surfing Facebook (commenting wonderful things on each of my photos). She lives in Thailand where they have a "cold season" you can't even call it winter.  But she is prone to being cold and I think i'm becoming more and more like her. I am not a fan of this similarity but others I am delighted to have inherited/gleaned from her.  Such as her tender heart, her curly hair, her enthusiastic listening facial expressions, and her homebodyness.  

My mama also always put value in making a comfy and welcoming home.  She is by no means a neat freak. However, she always wanted the living room to be tidy and comfortable to be in, even though her bedroom and the upstairs were a total mess.  I am the same way!  I like keeping the spaces that guests visit tidy and clean but my bedroom can be a disaster, no worries.

My mama is a home body.  Though she works a ton and meets with dozens of people a week, she needs her quite time alone or else she gets cranky and runs out of steam.  I'm the same.

So, here's to homebodies!  I'm going to go make myself a Hot Tottie and read by book on the couch.



P.S: as you can tell, I love my mama and miss her to bits. 
Before and After: Mod flower pots...

There have been a few home improvements that have just been bugging me for the past year and a half of living in this home.  One of them has been these wonderful mod plant pots. 

They have such a great shape but have been neglected for far too long. 

I finally sanded them down and chipped off their moss and chips, then went to the hardware store and bought some paint. 

I cannot believe the difference that a bit of sanding/scraping and two coats of paint can make.  Seriously.  

I feel as though the entrance to our home is far more welcoming and I am delighted to look at these now, where as before, they just made me think, "Oh man, I need to paint or get rid of those." 

* It's wild how great it feels to check things off a check list.  I have a home improvement checklist and these pots have been on it since we moved in over a year ago.  I can only recommend to do one of those things you have been wanting to do for over a year.  It feels great! 



my office space.
I finally got around to tidying my workspace.  This week, it was one of the priorities on my To-Do List. Oh My, it feels good to have checked it off. I set the timer for 30 minutes and almost made it in time, just five minutes over! haha.  Before it looked a bit like this.

Now it looks and feels much better!

 I have my items hanging that I need to measure and post, all my shipping materials, water, business/blog planning materials, and art supplies.  Plus I have an ever growing wall collage of inspiration and memories.  I want to feel at home and inspired in this place.

 But It is also important to have the wall in front of me mostly blank because, as I list items in my shop and blog, it is important to stay on task.

What is important to you when it comes to work/office space?

I'd love to see yours if you have photos of it!

Have a good one.


There are many folks who love to paint over wood and re-varnish their wood furniture.  Though I am not super opposed to the idea, I leave most of the wooden things in my home the way I found them, scratched, abandoned and natural.  The other day, I looked about in our home and realized that my favorite spaces in our home have large, natural, wood pieces of furniture. The coffee table in our living room, which we found on the street, our dining room table which my in-laws gave us, the second hand ratan breakfast nook, they all have a charming natural feeling to them.  

 I also am a big fan of wooden details.

I love the natural, cozy feeling that wooden items give to our home.  And I am proud to say that almost all of our furniture is second hand, apart from our open kitchen shelving, which I'll show another day.

Thanks for reading lovelies.


Are you a repainter/revarnisher?  Have you had great experiences transforming old wooden pieces? I'd love to hear about it.

a favorite bit of the kitchen.
This little space in our kitchen was one of those,   "hmmm what do we put here?" spaces.  We were given this dresser and we put our buckets and cleaning products in it.  Dressing it up with a few wild flowers makes the space one of my favorites in the kitchen.

 It also is a perfect place for my computer when cooking online recipes.  It is far enough away from the food that it won't get sticky but close enough to easily read and refer to.  What was kind of a blah corner of our kitchen is now a beautiful safe haven, away from the splashes and tufts of flour that occur when I am cooking.

I know this seems pretty menial, however these little delights are my favorite things to celebrate and enjoy.

Are there any spots in your home that just delight you?

Art should hang on the walls


Most of the walls in the new flat are still totally bare. 

Putting artwork and photos up is one of the last things that we do for a space.  The furniture has to find its proper place and then the plants, the electronics and then the paintings and photographs for the walls. 
I set out the collage on the floor first to make sure the placement composition was good.  
Then we were able to hang it and enjoy it by daylight!  

 Making picture collages is a great way to display a whole lot of variety and make it feel like a united whole. 

Do you have a collage on your wall?  If so I would love to see it.  Share a link.