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Sunny fall days are splendid to spend indoors.  I am such a home body.  My days off of school are spent sitting in this sleeping bag below, reading, making art, or surfing the web for interior design inspiration.  My mama spends most of her time alone at home sitting on the couch in a sleeping bag doing similar things, she is either reading, watching the tube with my papa, or surfing Facebook (commenting wonderful things on each of my photos). She lives in Thailand where they have a "cold season" you can't even call it winter.  But she is prone to being cold and I think i'm becoming more and more like her. I am not a fan of this similarity but others I am delighted to have inherited/gleaned from her.  Such as her tender heart, her curly hair, her enthusiastic listening facial expressions, and her homebodyness.  

My mama also always put value in making a comfy and welcoming home.  She is by no means a neat freak. However, she always wanted the living room to be tidy and comfortable to be in, even though her bedroom and the upstairs were a total mess.  I am the same way!  I like keeping the spaces that guests visit tidy and clean but my bedroom can be a disaster, no worries.

My mama is a home body.  Though she works a ton and meets with dozens of people a week, she needs her quite time alone or else she gets cranky and runs out of steam.  I'm the same.

So, here's to homebodies!  I'm going to go make myself a Hot Tottie and read by book on the couch.



P.S: as you can tell, I love my mama and miss her to bits. 
Happy Birthday Mama
My mama is an amazing woman. 

It's my mama's birthday today. 

I have not written a memoir about my mama yet, and though I'm not much of a writer, she is such an amazing human, we might have to work on one together some day.  Actually maybe me and my papa should write it.  anyway....

She has done amazing things in her life.  She is the most compassionate, driven, and sincere woman, I have ever met.  She is a a missionary in Thailand and has been for 30 some years.  She works way too hard. She listens to people, really listens to them.  She is such a beautiful person, and is always becoming more and more beautiful.  She is the main reason I believe in Jesus. 

Me and Her a long time ago. 

My Grandmother, Me, and Mama

 our family in Thailand. 

 These next few are from our wedding August 2010


Happy Birthday Mother dear, 

I love you more than you know!

In the spirit of Mamas and being so glad they were born....
What is something you love about your mama?  
Or/and if you know my mama, Esther Wakeman, what is something you admire about her?

thanks for reading,
I've been putting my intentional, daily creating aside while I plan the biggest party of my life!  It is really fun.  I am getting more and more excited about the festivities!... 

Dominik is arriving a little less than a week from now.  We have been speaking on the phone semi-frequently.  This last bit of our long distance is surprisingly trying.  You'd think long distance would get easier well, I think it has gotten harder.

Dominik has been a wonderful man to plan with.  We both seem to know what we want and don't want which helps a lot.  We have been agreeing most of the time.  thank the good lord.  He is really interested in helping with the wedding preparations which is just delightful.  I knew he would be.... thanks Baby Snacks.

Mama and I have been planning a whole lot.  I think we have gone to the fabric store 6 times in the last week.  She has been super supportive and delighting in the ideas I have for the wedding which is wonderful.

Sarah and Patricia have been here helping a lot also.  They got measured and fitted for their dresses and they looked lovely!  I cannot wait to see all the lovelies together wearing my favorite colors.

I'm sure that all the out of town guests are getting excited for the wedding also.  Some of them have been long awaiting a trip to Thailand.  I am so excited for them to experience this beautiful land.

Oh I am just so very excited for all the upcoming festivities.