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Nautical love......
I am just loving Nautical things these days!!!

Here are a few of my favorites.


Click on the photo to find the link!  

Nautical lovelies are all around.  They make me want to sail the seas.  Though like my father I am very easily sea-sick.  booooo.

Well, speaking of my papa. Today, I had a lovely chat my my parents. I hadn't talked to them in some time.  They are well, busy and living their lives in Thailand.  I am homesick now.  But at least I have got my love, Dominik with me.  

I won't be doing any sailing this weekend.  I am working saturday and sunday at my day-job, which will be good and tiring. (speaking German all day can wear an American/Thai lady out!) 

I will be switching up the pace of my life a bit though. After next week's vacation!

Today was my last Intensive German course day.  I hope to be spending at least 3 days a week working on my Shop these next few months.   I am excited.  I miss spending more time and energy on the blog, and the shop.  It will be a nice change. 

Happy Friday

Thank you for reading.