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I've been putting my intentional, daily creating aside while I plan the biggest party of my life!  It is really fun.  I am getting more and more excited about the festivities!... 

Dominik is arriving a little less than a week from now.  We have been speaking on the phone semi-frequently.  This last bit of our long distance is surprisingly trying.  You'd think long distance would get easier well, I think it has gotten harder.

Dominik has been a wonderful man to plan with.  We both seem to know what we want and don't want which helps a lot.  We have been agreeing most of the time.  thank the good lord.  He is really interested in helping with the wedding preparations which is just delightful.  I knew he would be.... thanks Baby Snacks.

Mama and I have been planning a whole lot.  I think we have gone to the fabric store 6 times in the last week.  She has been super supportive and delighting in the ideas I have for the wedding which is wonderful.

Sarah and Patricia have been here helping a lot also.  They got measured and fitted for their dresses and they looked lovely!  I cannot wait to see all the lovelies together wearing my favorite colors.

I'm sure that all the out of town guests are getting excited for the wedding also.  Some of them have been long awaiting a trip to Thailand.  I am so excited for them to experience this beautiful land.

Oh I am just so very excited for all the upcoming festivities.