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thought we would share space with you.
Today was so stormy and cold.  I stayed in all day.  So I decided it would be fun to share our home with you.  I showed my mama on skype but here are some photos of our little 30meter square home...

When you first walk in this is what you see...
The bathroom is just to the right.  As you walk in the door. 

above the toilet is one of my prints.

The tiles are great, huh?

dominik's photos from Afghanistan.

 We have an original Nate Ellefson.  It is a lovely piece and it greets every person who enters our house.  

 Below is what you see when you enter the room.  Our flat.  This is our living room, office, kitchen, and bedroom.  It is lovely and we have made it our home.

This is just to the right as you walk in. 

 our kitchen...

 Above:Our dining room and wall collage.  
Dominik's musical instrument collection and our ladder to our bed. 
 Above:  The far right of our wall collage has a "Nicht Vergessen" note pad so that we can write things we must not forget!  

 I think the wall collage is one of the favorite parts of the apartment.  

 This is our bed. What we call "up stairs"  To make our flat seem a bit bigger... sometimes it works.
I made these comforter covers from material bought in thailand.  They are the same cloth as Josh's tie from the wedding...
 These pillow cases were a wonderful thrift store find.  

Under our bed is our office!

 I work on the right and Dominik on the left.
 Below: both of these pieces of furniture were found on the side of the road.  Dominik's father and dominik are very proud of them.  I am too.

 Our record player and christmas tree...  The record the phonograph is Joan Baez "Noel"  classic...

And this is what it looks like outside...

 We have this beautiful cement factory outside our window.  I initially really disliked it but now I am quite fond of the way it looks...

 Well I am not totally done decorating. The couch is a bit too red for my liking.  We have a few odds and ends that are not complete but It is cozy and lovely to be here.  Especially with my husband love. 

It was lovely to share with you.  I hope you're well...

let me know how your doing or what you think of our space I would love to hear from you!