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Holiday Cheer
We have served this punch a few times this holiday season and our guests seem to really enjoy it.  It is sweet, spicy and sour, and great because designated drivers and young children can enjoy it without getting tipsy. (The alcohol is added upon serving).  It warms my belly during the holidays and fills me with glee, that's why I've named it Holiday Cheer!

 -1 litre apple juice
-half litre orange juice
-half litre pineapple juice
-the juice of 2 limes
-2 cinnamon sticks
-6 cloves
-1 tsp ginger powder
-1 jigger of white rum per mug of punch (Optional but highly recommended)

Serves 6

Mix ingredients (apart from the rum) in a large pot, let simmer on stove for 30 minutes before serving.

What have you been drinking lately?