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3 Most Wonderful Things about Amtrak
Dominik and I traveled across the USA for 11 days using Amtrak. We bought a 15 day pass and went from NYC-Chicago-Kansas City-Grand Canyon-Los Angeles-Portland-Seattle. It was wonderful!!!

1. Being able to see so many parts of the country, without either of us having to drive. We could read books, snooze, look out of the "Observation Deck" (in the photo above). It was so nice to be traveling without one of us having to always stay awake and get a backache. 

2. Seeing such a variety of landscape. We saw fields, mountains, deserts, forests, rivers, canyons and seas. It was such a treat to fall asleep in the desert and then wake up in the forest.

3. There aren't any billboards and MacDonalds every few miles. The railroad lines are out in nature. The scenery wasn't ruined by ads and gas stations, it was miles of nature and getting to peek into people's backyards, and see the city centres of towns on the way.

Bonus #4. Taking life slow. Flying would have been the most logical thing to do on our trip. But instead we decided to crawl across the country and take in our surroundings. It's such a wonderful thing to consciously slow down and decrease the fast pace of everyday life.