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Artist Feature: Plivia Mew
I have recently discovered this amazing artist by the name of Olivia Mew.  She creates beautiful illustrations, sews, and sells vintage in a shop on etsy. 

She is all around charming.  And FUNNY!

Her scarf design is what first lured me into her work. 

She used to make these wicked dolls.  This one had scratched up knees.

This dry your eyes Hanky is just amazing.

 I really love how much she uses animals in her work.

I love this sheer dress in her Vintage shop!

Thank you Olivia for creating such wonderful work and sharing it with us!

Link to her art and design Shop. here

Link to her Blog. here.

Link to little vintage shop. here

Thank you lovely readers for taking a look at this artist with me.


Arist Feature: Aled Lewis
Oh my goosenest I am excited about this Artist Feature!  They are hilarious and right up my alley.  I know it will tickle your fancy also.  I made a mini series of similar things, but they were wooden animals, plants and records, rather than plastic animals and Aled's are way better!

Check out the beauty!

Beautiful huh!  I'm inspired.

Thank you Aled!  Wonderful work.

Check out his website here!

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Artist Feature: Polaroid Kidd
I'm not sure if I have shared with amazing photographer/adventurer with you yet but his photography and subjects are just so stunning and textured. 

Mike Brodie is the man behind the lens.  He captures a portion of American society that is seldom seen and celebrated.  A society of squatters, hobos, and box car hoppers.  He was a traveling wayfarer like the folks, his friends, in the photos.   Check out some more of his work Here. But his website seems to be not working at the moment. 

I fell in love with his work a few years ago.  It brings up a very moving response in me, like a punch to the stomach, in the most charming,enticing way.  (that doesn't make any sense, but that is how his work makes me feel.)

I have many lovely friends who have been vagabonds, and still are, on thier ways.  Friends hopping trains, hitchhiking, and walking across states.  I admire this beautiful wayfaring life.  Something really pulls me toward it.

do you feel the same way?

Thanks for reading.


ps. I miss mary-jane.

why circles...
I have recently been attracted to circled photographs.   This little collection I found quite a while ago and have gone back to them several times, not knowing why I am so attracted to them. 

It is their shape, format I am so attracted to.  
The content of the photographs is great but the shape is really what gets me.
I think I am going to try some of my photos out in this format.  I am really loving it.  
The shape also conveys a binoculars, telescope feel which is adventurous and interesting.  A very different window than the eye is used to looking at photos through. 
I got these images from The National Media Museum Archives. 

I believe all of them were taken by a Kodak box brownie camera.  The girl below is carrying one.  

One of my friends from Cassie Swayze Whitworth 
does some interesting things with circles in her artwork.

Her website is here!

Below is one of my photographs with this circle border.  I am really loving them.  
This may be the format for my travel photos. 

What do you think?

have a good monday.