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schnizel and wurst
 I've been trying to paint. It's interesting I haven't done it in such a long time.  This is just the beginning of a tiny piece I have started.  I'm not sure how it will end.

 We played music on the streets the other day.  There is a very long walking/shopping street in Heidelberg.  We played folk covers and our own songs for two hours and made 37 Euros...  Most people enjoyed it.  One chump walked by saying "what you're going for doesn't look good."  We are both gangley, playing instruments and singing folk at the top of our lungs.  He was a "G" so we didn't take it too personally that he didn't like our style.   It was quite a success.  It was a beautiful day also. 
 This is the Neckar, the river that flows through Heidelberg.  The sun set was beautiful.  We bought a bottle of while and walked up on the Philosopher's Way and watched the city as the shadows grew longer. 

 The land is almost completely in shadow.
The castle after sunset.  It was a beautiful evening.  We used the money from playing on the streets to finance our dinner at a lovely traditional German restaurant.  Schnitzel, Wurst and mashed potatoes of course.