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New Tunes: Dominik Baer
I can't help but share my husband's new tunes with you! I'm very proud. I play in the band with him, as you can see in the video below, but my husband wrote and arranged all the music. He also does all the promotion, books all our gigs and leads the whole project. I'm so very proud!

The title track of the EP "On Our Own," is my favorite!

Isn't he handsome!

If you'd like to download the EP for free, click here!

Keep checking back at, because he will be releasing our other videos one by one, over the next few months.

Thanks for reading and listening lovelies.



Cover and CD Design by Olive Green Anna
Video/Art Direction by Afghan Chili
Olive Delights: On Tour with Dominik.

My husband just released a new record and we went on a wicked one week tour around Germany playing his new tunes.  It was a grand ole time.  I am one of the singers in the band and I play tambourine for a few of the tracks. 

I wanted to share a few of the highlights of our trip. 

1. Being on the road.  (The American in me just was stoked to be driving new places for so long...)

2. Playing for wonderful audiences...

3. Going to the Zoo in Stuttgart.   I love gibbons.  They remind me of Thailand.

4. Shooting a video on a giant mound of rubble.

5. A splendid camp fire.

6. Sunny skies!

7. Run down buildings in the old East Germany.

8. Playing in such varying locations.

9. Having good quality time as a band.  (My lazy eye really shoes in this photo.)

10. Asking a new stranger every night to take photos with my camera.  

11. Delicious beverages.

12. Some good times with family.

Thanks for reading lovelies!  It is nice to have internet again and to be back to personal blogging.

My husband's new record
My husband has been in the studio for one year working on this new record.  We just listened to the whole thing through last weekend!  The record is amazing, filled with beautiful detail.  Each song is incredibly unique and intricately composed.  You can download a free track from it on his website!

We are received the physical CDs this week.  Then we will be heading off for a Germany tour for one week!  Here are our show dates...

31.3 - Paderborn 
1.4 -  Halle 
3.4 -  Berlin 
4.4 -  Scheppach (Heilbronn)
5.4.-  Backnang 
7.4. - Korntal (Stuttgart)
The official album release party is in Heidelberg on the 15th of April, at Karlstorbahnhof.  Bischler will be opening for us. Which we are thrilled about.

 I am so proud of Dominik.  He has worked so hard and has created some really beautiful work.

If you are living far away you can buy the record here and we will send it to you within the next two weeks...

Thank you for reading.


A wonderful arrival!
 We received a package today and could not be more thrilled about the contents!!!

They are Dominik's new record!  The album art was designed by Karli Ingersoll.  Her work looks wonderful.  We both just marveled over it for a long time and then popped it in and have been enjoying the tunes!

 As you can see Dominik is pumped!!!

There are enough for everyone to have one!

For all of your far off friends.  Dominik and I will be sending a bunch of records your way soon.  Just follow the link and pay with paypal and one will be send within the next two weeks.

Thanks for reading.

Wonderful photos Of ZeltFestival (Tent Festival)

Zeltfestival 27 Juni 2011, a set by photoforrest on Flickr.

A friend named Forest Briggs just loaded a splendid set of photos from our show on Monday.   Dominik's band played, and I happen to be in it.  It was one of our funnest shows we have had this year! 

To Check out more of Forrest's photos check out his Flickr. Here.

Thanks for reading lovelies. 

Happy Weekend! 


date times.
Dominik and I, since we have been married, have had at least one date-night every week.  I think we may have missed it once, but we try to make it a priority.  It helps us give time to each other, even when schedules are really busy and we hang out in groups with people.   It's nice to have time just the two of us.   Quality time with dominik is so very important to me, if we don't have it, I get distant, frustrated, and am pretty grumpy.  It is my favorite part of the week.  Even if it just means making a stir fry and watching a movie at home. It is lovely to have time with him.  

This week has been very full with new friends, photographing the city, working at Tourist Service (my day job), and learning German. But we also had a lovely date, on the Neckar Wiese, (the lovely park area along the Neckar River.)   

We met there and drank some beers, played Kubb (a fancy german game that requires good aim and tossing wood blocks back and forth.  It was fun. Though my description sounds super lame.  I was enjoying it, and after our first round (aproximately 20 minutes) Dominik lost interest.  I think he is not much of a game person, or maybe a slow game person.  I love slow games, then again, I am not easily bored.

 The funny thing about the date was that we were going to grill on the Neckar but we don't have a grill.  We had to ask someone if we could throw a few "Wursten"(sausages)  on their grill.  Some young men were kind enough, and had enough space on their grill to accommodate our 4 wursten.    It was humbling to ask a stranger for such a thing.  We are so used to having everything we need.  Asking someone for help is so foreign. 

It was good to practice some communal living with strangers and they were happy to share.  It was an embarrassing yet wonderful experience.

If you are married or dating I would suggest having a weekly date with your love, it really helps to make time together more special and it helps to stay connected.  

My husband has great courage with strangers, and is a wonderful date!  I enjoy him very much.

Thank you for reading.


p.s.  I have to remember to give dominik the camera more so that you can see my face.  

Every Day Life: a few Aprils Days
A lot has changed in my life this past week.  Well two things that are pretty big for me.

One:  I started my day-job.  As barista/tourist-informer/souvenir seller. 

Two: My tram ticket ran out, and I am not buying one for the whole summer, so It means at least an hour and a half of riding my bike everyday.

The first one is exciting.   Having a job is good.  Knowing that a steady income coming in is a comforting thought.  But speaking German all day is quite the challenge for me. (I'm living in Germany with my husband, though I am an American/Thai lady, for those of you that don't know.)

I worked for 9 hours on Saturday and was totally pooped Saturday night and Sunday.  It was nice to have a little break on Sunday visiting family.  Sunday we went to visit Dominik's parents and had a lovely walk in the forest and orchards.  It was the most beautiful day! 

tee hee hee, flower child. 

I worked again today for 3 and a half hours.  It was a bit less stressful.  I feel comfortable making coffee.  It feels like home to work with espresso. Speaking german does not quite feel like home yet.

The second thing: Riding my bike a bunch every day is really good for my body, and the environment.  But on rainy days like today it is a drag.  A 45 minute ride into town, gets me very toasty when I arrive at German class or work.  But it feels good after and I can listen to Fleet Foxes on the way.

Yesterday, I took it a bit easy, when I got home I pulled out a nice cold beer and my new book that Amy sent me.  I sat on our balcony and baked in the sun, before dozing off on our couch for an hour. 

When Dominik got home we went for a walk.  We went on a quick date for an IceCream in Downtown Eppelheim (it is so very small).  It was lovely out and we had a nice time together. 

 This is our favorite local fresh goods shop in Eppelheim.  Isn't it great? 

and met a little tiny millimeter worm. (an inchworm but tiny) 

Well, Thanks for reading lovelies. It's nice to share a bit about our lives.  We have good ones.

It has been tough to balance work and play, but I think we are getting a bit better at it. 

cheers lovelies,


music and family.

Dominik has quite a few shows coming up this next two months.  check them out if you are in the area!!!

HERE is his music website!! 

A bit a go we went on a trip to Schwabbach

 Above is Dominik sporting his mustache for a whole weekend.

It was a clean mustache sort of french.  I liked it. what do you think?

We are going again to spend some of this afternoon with Mama Baer and Oma and Opa.  Oma has not been super healthy these past days so we are hoping to have some good time with her.

family weekend10

Opa shows me this album/family history every time I go over to their place. Mama Baer made it.  It is wonderful to look through. Especially with him guiding me through the pages.

family weekend8

We went on a walk on a beautiful lake.  The leaves were stunning.  It was a beautiful day with family.

family weekend7

family weekend6

family weekend5

family weekend4

family weekend3

family weekend2

family weekend1
Job searching and crafts Gazore!!!
Eppelheim, so beautiful.  

 Husband, oh so beautiful.

 obviously not used to having my photo taken. 
 Dominik was working on his pedal board for guitar.  He was being ultimo crafty.  It's wonderful to have time to do some crafts with my husband.  He starts school in a weeks time so we're getting in our projects that we want to finish before we start to get busy. 

 We finally figured our how to put up our chalk-board on the fridge.  hurray.
Don't worry photographs of our whole apartment are coming. 

 I made a new cover for a chair we picked up on the street.  It is the same material as one of the groomsmen's ties at the wedding

photos by Dominik Baer.  Good hey.  We've been working on photo lessons since now my camera is his also.  

So, I spent some time writing to pubs here in Heidelberg letting them know I am here and interested in working for them.  I made a new copy of my resume and everything, spent a lot of time writing the email.  Sent it to two pubs before I noticed the subject line said.  "interested is working for you."  oh my goosenest. It's pretty classic.  I don't think I'll be contacting them, or showing my face there anytime soon.  haha.  whoops...

luckily the places I am really interested did not have that subject line. haha

Eppelheim's Houses
We went on a walk yesterday through our little town of Eppelheim. 

 Dominik styling the pimped, old-man husband attire.

The houses feel so different from the US.  So I decided to share a few of their facades with you...

I'm fascinated by the windows here. Maybe I'll do a photo series of German windows.  Though I am a creeper when I photo people's windows. haha.

 and here's our flat.  Guess which one is ours...

The red hammock is ours... pretty cute huh?  I love the colors.

So a little taste of our town.

Settling in to our flat here in Heidelberg Germany has been great.  We spent the first few days shopping and fixing up our flat together.  It's been fun to make a home.  We bought some plants, dishes, frames, kitchen things, and a new laundry basket.  It is fun to not worry about spending some cash because of all the wonderful monetary gifts we got at the wedding. 

 above are photos from the first night we arrived in our home.  some of the Before photos of the apartment.  I'll have the after ones once we are done. 

Dominik has been working on his left over paper from last semester for a few hours a day.  I've been reading and sewing pillow cases, and I made a fun wall collage the other day which we will post soon.  But most of all we have been visiting with friends and catching glimpses of life in this beautiful city of Heidelberg. 

 dom driving back from buying plants...
we stained a shoe shelf we made with Ikea parts...

Watched a football game at the Uni cafeteria. 
 Benji Dominik's brother came to visit one afternoon!  lovely to see him. 

 Made some curry for dinner with a new friend Anne. 
 We also went to a show last night of one of my favorite bands Horse Feathers.  I have seen them several times in Spokane WA, and it was like home to see them here.   We bought their Thistled Spring record.  It's lovely.

We have looked into German language courses for me and it looks like they won't be starting until October 25th.  We may be able for me to apply as an immigrant and get Government supplementation for the cost of courses.  The courses would be 4 hours Monday to Friday with one hour of an integration course on top of language.  The integration course would teach German culture and politics, etc... 

More photos and updates coming up.