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Shop Window: Die Tapete, Heidelberg
Today, I'm sharing a fun new place in Heidelberg.  It is die Tapete (Wallpaper), it's a cafe in the ehemalige Feuerwache (the old fire station).  It is on the first floor of the building my shop is in and it is the main entrance into my shop.  They are open Monday-Friday from 11am to 8pm.  And saturdays when there are concerts happening.  To see events happening there "Like" it on Facebook

The lovely Heidi has opened this Cafe. 

 It's a great place to work and meet other creatives.  The artists and small business owners in the building come and get their coffee fix and take breaks in here.

We're planning on having a Old School Night Party here on the 25.5.  Where you can bring our favorite records, drink beer and party old school style!  So all you Vinyl and Vintage lovers,  mark your calendars. the 25th is going to be great!

Thanks for reading!