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What I've learned while 27

That I can do anything I put my mind to... I opened my first local shop, it was only a pop up shop but it was a great experience and I did it all, with a little will power, planning, and a few good friends.

Sometimes, sticking it out, pays off... I was offered the opening as art teacher at my school where I had been part time assistant teacher for two years. I never expected the job, but it sure made those years of being underpaid as an assistant even more worthwhile.

Spending time with family and close friends is incredibly important... We spent a few thousand Euros to visit my hometown Chiang Mai and many family members this past year and it was really well worth it! I also had the pleasure of hosting two best friends here in Germany for a few weeks in the summer which did my soul good.

Students learn from me and are inspired by me... This doesn't go for all of them, however a few have mentioned these past few months, that they appreciate me as a teacher and have been inspired and have felt nurtured by me! What a big compliment. These are the little bits of thanks that every teacher lives for! haha

Go with my gut, know my needs and wants... I have realised the importance of really listening to my innerself this year. I have not been sick, not missed one day of work, I can only attribute this to knowing me and what I need. I have made an effort to really take it slow when I begin to feel overwhelmed. It's been a balance to only play a few shows a month with Dominik, to not stress about the blog or my online shop, and to leave work at school.

It feels good to be growing older, though it's scary at times.

So here's to turning 28. I'm excited about the things I will learn and experience this coming year of my life.



Fun new treasure.
Not all of you know this but I am studying the German language full-time, because my husband is German, I live in Germany, and everyone around me is German.  I've been looking for a wicked backpack for class for the past few months now, and oh man I found a lovely treasure! 

 I love this photo.  Dominik (my husband) took it for me.  It felt like the first day of school. 

It's perfect for school.  It fits my German books, water bottle, and My Camera!  Which I have been leaving at home the past few months.  Bummer.

I just wanted to share because I am really loving it.  The man at the Flea Market assumed it was for my son and only charged me 2 Euros for it.  I didn't correct him. 

Thanks for reading.