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Fashion Show: Anne Gorke
When traveling to Berlin, I was most excited about Anne Gorke's fashion show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Her collection was called Artichoke.  Here are a few impressions of it.  

The green in her collection is very much like my favorite color!  :) 

This coat is a great cut, and I am a big fan of her styling.  The braids and the footwear were a nice match for the clothes.

After the show we had the pleasure of attending the party at a design firm in Berlin Mitte.  We could look at the collection up close and it was just wonderful.  Such great material and color palette.  The materials Anne used were lush and lovely to touch.

  It was great to have a chance to chat with Ms. Gorke and her friends and acquaintances.  You could really tell that her partner and friends were very involved and a great support to Anne.

 Naturally as a snack the caterers served artichokes.

Thank you Anne Gorke for creating and presenting such an inspiring and admirable collection. And thank you for the invitation to the show and the after party.



P.S.  I'm just waiting until the collection is being produced then I'm going to save up and buy a piece so I can have a Gorke.