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warm nights and hearts
As the weather gets chillier and chillier in Germany I can't help but miss the warm nights and hearts in the USA over the summer. We visited so many lovely friends and family while there it was so good for me. 

It had been 4 years since seeing some of my dearest of dears. Which is way too long!!! It was surreal to see so many familiar faces and to catch up right where we left off. Isn't it strange how it feels like time hadn't passed at all, but at the same time a lifetime went by?

Many friends put effort into making quality time with us while we were in their area. I am ever so grateful and hope that it is less than 4 years till I see you/them again.

Later this week I'll share my last post on the blog about our trip to the US and begin featuring things from adventures here.

Have a splendid evening. stay warm.


The Bartlett
A gem in the rough...

One of my most favorite people in the whole world and her husband are beginning an incredible journey for the good of Spokane, WA. (one of my old hometowns.)  Spokane used to have this wonderful music venue called the Empyrean which was my home while living in Spokane.  I showed my art there, played shows there and met some of my best friends over a beautiful latte and delicious beer.  After Empyrean's closing, the city is in desperate need of a good music venue.  Karli and Caleb have been dreaming about opening a live music venue for years, and now it is planned and ready to come alive.

But they need our help.

Karli and Caleb Ingersoll are such hard working and creative people.  I cannot wait to visit the Bartlett and one day maybe play a show there.  Dominik just said the other day.  "Do you want to move back to Spokane for a year?"  Oh man.  My heart aches at the thought of it. (in a good way.)

Let's support them. (I know many of you don't even know where Spokane is, but seriously these folks are making the world a better place.)

If you can't monetarily support them please post about their project online or tell your moneybags friends about it.



I've been missing my good friends around the world but especially my old roommates.

 Here's some images that remind me of my them...

Residents Take Part in Organized
 Daily Exercises in One of the Public Pools at Century Village 
Retirement Community.
We can grow old and beautiful together!

Women in 
bathing suits on Collaroy Beach, 1908,  photographed by Colin Caird  wonderfully conservative bathers

Beer Steins Are Raised by the 
Concord Singers During Their Practice of Singing German Songs in New 
Ulm, Minnesota. They Are Trying to Keep the Town's Heritage Alive. 
Twenty Years Ago Many of the Residents Spoke Some German, But the 
Tradition Is Dying Out.

Bier Trinken

I loved to dance with you.   

"Mah-Jong" at the Club-House of the Century Village 
Retirement Community.

Source:  All of these photos are from Common's Flickr Archive. 

 I've been having some nostalgic hours today.  I love you ladies so.... 

wonderful friends are hard to come by and take a long time to make....

Maybe I'll get some really good bosom buddies one of these months in this new land...

thanks for reading.... which of these is your favorite photo? 

"ThingStätte" Thing Site
Yeserday after applying at a couple of Irish pubs in the area we had a cup of coffee at a coffee shop that dominik has been wanting to visit for a long time.  It's nice for him to have a wife that likes coffee and spending money because now he can go to shops he's been interested in for a while. 

 It is a lovely shop that used to be a drug store. with wine, newspapers, medicine etc... They have the old shelving with labels.  Just gorgeous....
 After a wonderful cup we joined some friends Dominic and Judith, on a beautiful and long walk up to "ThingStäte"  Thing Site.  We stumbled upon some other ruins on the way. 

 old guys admiring the beautiful city of heidelberg. 
 The castle of course...
 Above and Below are ruins of a monastic dwelling dating back to 400AD.  Things are so very old in these parts. 

 The Domini(k/c)s carrying guitars. 

 This is "DingStäte"  Thing Site it was build in 1933 as a public meeting place for festivities and community events. It was build for Nazi propaganda purposes.  People would gather here for "Völkisch" meetings to see theater performances and propaganda presentations. Things were used back to when Norse and Germanic tribes gathered in an outdoor setting.  The Nazis used it to legitimize their agendas by building based on something historic. 

We went beyond the ThingSite and played some music in some other monastic ruins.

It was a lovely day in this beautiful country
Successful wedding times!
Here is a little sneak peek into our wedding times..  The wedding was wonderful.  We have been having a lovely time being married.  I will update with some more photos very soon.

Our beautiful wedding party.....

The honeymoon has been great so far.