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Nesting: Garden Makeover Inspiration
1. Shirley Kurata, 2. 3. 4.

I'm hoping that our outdoor spaces will be cozy, comfy and welcoming. These inspirational spaces have nice lighting, inviting seating, rugs, and color. These spaces capture the essence of what I am hoping for!

To see more of my inspiration you can follow my Garden pin-board on

Wish me luck!



Amsterdam Influx
This time visiting Amsterdam, I really wanted to move there. The museums, the architecture, the bikes, the interior and fashion design, this little city has so much to offer.  It really feels like a place I could see Dominik and I living in the future. It is touristy, like heidelberg, but I can live with that. Maybe one day when I go on to get my masters in fine arts or if we get teaching jobs there.

One thing's for sure, is that every time I visit Amsterdam, I have an influx of ideas and inspiration. I feel the great desire to make my dreams happen and be creative.

I think what draws me most to Amsterdam is how small everything is. It's not about quantity, it's about quality. The art museums are manageable, the streets are narrow, littered with interesting specialty shops, and peoples' well decorated apartments. The city is easily explored on bike, or on foot. It's a lot but not too much. "Klein aber fein," as the Germans would say. 

 *My good friends, Amy, Julian and Anne came along for the adventure which was a real treat.

We visited the Rijksmuseum, saw some of the Dutch Masters. I felt very privileged.

* These two little guys, were REAL KIDS. Dominik an I saw them playing in a park and we asked to take their photo.  They still have imagination and were playing outside. I hope our children will still do this! Who are their parents I want to talk to them...

If I lived in Amsterdam would you visit me?


Simplistic Summer Style
We're on summer holidays from school!  I love being a teacher and having 6 weeks of summer is such a wonderful bonus. It is a big relief to have all grades in, classroom tidy and packed away, and students home with their families. I only have to care for myself and my husband for the next month. It's a wonderful feeling.

It's time to pack up my bags and head to the good ole USA this summer. I've really been feeling the warmth these past weeks. One thing I am loving in summer are simplistic and light dresses. I have a few but I am going to keep my eyes peeled while in the states for some basic summer dresses.

Here are a few that look just perfect for our US city travels this summer.

NYC, Summer of 1969

White RuffleyShirt Dress

Summer Cyclist. 

What are your go-to summer styling pieces?



Shop Window: Vonlenska Vintage
Today we are taking a peak into the shop window of Vonlenska Vintage.  They have an amazing collection with over 400 items for sale.

There is a bit of everything in this lovely shop.  Which of these pieces is your favorite?  I think mine is those peach flared pants wow!  

 Thank you Vonlenska Vintage for selling lovely items.  You inspire me to one day be a full time vintage seller. 

Hurray for lovely vintage handlers.  

Make sure to check out the shop here

Thanks for reading lovelies.


itching to create.
 collage by Sabrina Ward Harrison (one of my most favorite artists). 

You know those feelings, that you just want to CREATE, but you don't know where to start.  I am feeling this way today.  I am itching to create.  However, I am still sick so my body is saying I need to stay in bed.

I suppose the itch is what starts the creation.  I should be grateful for it. I sure hope soon to have some progress of little bits of creation to share with you.

I don't know where to start. Whether to draw, paint, sew....

We will see.

What do you do to start your creative process?

Shop Window: Orphaned Drawers
I came across this wonderful business on Apartment Therapy some time ago.  The business is called Entwurf-Direkt it is based out of Hamburg, Germany.  Yay Germany!!!

They take these old drawers and give them a casing which can be mounted on any wall.  It is a stunning and wonderful idea.  It is the perfect example of the design principle: Unity/Variety.  The drawers a differing, yet have such wonderful similarities.   I love how they look clustered together.  

Let's take a peak into their shop.

Thank you Entwurf-Direkt for creating such beautiful work.

Thank you lovely readers for window shopping with me.


Blackest of Forests
I'm going with a friend to her home town in the Black Forest this weekend.  It will be the first time not sleeping in the same flat with my husband.  I will be gone for two days.  It is good timing though because he is finishing writing his Bachelor thesis this weekend.  Which is exciting.

So,  I won't be around here this weekend.  But I thought I would share with you some of my recent favorite episodes of my Favorite TV show.

Etsy TV. 

are you kidding me this is the best!

I love the way this man articulates how it is a lost battle but he does all he can.  It is beautiful.  

Have a lovely weekend.

see you on monday.


Shop Window: The Velvet Bird

Wonderful, affordable vintage is hard to come by.  The lovely Venessa from The Velvet Bird has a beautiful eye and a dainty style. Her shop has some wonderful treasures.   It is looking pretty sparse these days but that only gives me hope for the wonderfulness she will bring. 

Here are a few of my favorite items from her shop, for a little peek into her shop window.

She also is has stunning photography and has some fun DIYs on her blog.

Make sure to check out her lovely work in her  Shop and Blog

Thank you Venessa for creating and sharing your treasures and work with us.  

Thank you lovely readers for looking into this pretty little shop with me today.



Shop Window: Umbu
 I saw these lovely lamps on Design Sponge and love them so much.  Then found that the creator lives close by in Switzerland.  It is such a lovely shop.  The photography is great also...

look at these spectacular lamps.

I think this mountain one is my favorite in her shop right now!

Thank you so much for creating Joelinha, and for sharing your work with us.

Make sure to visit her.

Here are links to her: 

She also has a Jewelry shop here.

Thank you lovelies for reading.