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Local: Favorites from Augenschmaus
 Yesterday I shared about my stand at Augenschmaus. Today, I want to share about my top two favorite  sellers from there.

My favorite seller at Augenschmaus was Merry Moustasche.   They create fantastic nautical designs.  I was just drawn to their stand and loved the quality of the pieces.

My second favorite is Maedchenwahn.  She carried cute little doodads.  Things I hadn't seen before. like these face necklaces below.  How fun!  

I'm super inspired by these creators!

Thank you lovelies for reading.


Have you discovered any amazing handmakers recently?  I would love to be inspired by what you're inspired by.  

Local: Augenschmaus Autumn 2012
Last week I had a pleasure of selling at Augenschmaus.  A local creative market in Mannheim, about 30 minutes from Heidelberg.

I built my stand this time without a table.  It worked out quite well.  Making the displays for markets is one of the best and hardest parts of selling.   It is fun making the stand look pretty, but solving visual issues is difficult.  I am really happy with what my man and I came up with.

 I had to get a photo with my good friend Hilda.   She always looks so good!

 (I passed out many of my new flyers! Don't they look pretty?)

There was a fantastic turn out and I had a great spot in a fabulously lit room!  There were other sellers with beautiful goods.

I will share some of my favorites tomorrow!

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Shop Window: Live at SheMonster
Last weekend Dominik and I had a the lovely opportunity to go on a vintage hunt in Mannheim, Germany.  We found a fun vintage shop called SheMonster online and went to visit.  It was far beyond our expectations for cool.  It was pretty wicked.

If you are in Mannheim, any time soon you most definitely should visit SheMonster.  They have a wonderfully curated collection and from what I was told they have new items frequently!

Thanks for making vintage locally available, SheMonster.

Thank you lovelies for reading.


ps.  If you are wondering.  click below.