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MoMA my love!
When planning to travel to New York city my #1 on the list was MoMA. I have been longing to see the abstract expressionists from the New York School, for years! I got to see such iconic and wonderful pieces.



I appreciate modern art immensely, these artists were challenging the very idea of what could be considered art. They challenged society to think outside of the box, and they challenged themselves to do something no other before them had ever done. 

 Franz Kline

Jackson Pollock
  And my favourite Robert Rauschenberg

This last piece by Robert Rauschenberg, called Bed, is the epitome of the modern art in The New York School.  He didn't have money for canvas and proper paints, so he used house paint, and used a quilt he didn't need anymore. The story goes that no matter how hard he tried to transform the piece into something else, unrecognisable, it continued to look like a bed. In turn, he titled it Bed, and declared it finished. Why can't a bed be considered art? 

Can you appreciate modern art?