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Planning for this here blog.
I have been working on organizing different parts of my life this past year.  My finances, my home, my business, and now I am trying to organize my blog a bit. 

I found this printable blog planner at Wild Olive and I have been liking using it this past month.  It helps me to know what posts I have lined up and what I want I need to do to make those posts happen. 

{To download your own copy visit Wild Olive, She is the creator! }

It's funny.  I really love organizing.  I can't say I am totally organized and my life works like clock work.  I wish I could say that my desk is always free of junk, and that everything has its own place.   But I can say that I delight in knowing where things are, and finding them a place that is pretty and makes sense.  I suppose that is why I have been delighting in planning this here blog.


Keeping track of expenses
I wanted to share a bit about how my man and I know where our money goes.

 We have a list which has 7 categories.  They are the expenses that are not fixed.  We spend the same on our phone bills, and insurance every month, however we spend over and under budget on groceries and doctor's appointments.  The irregular categories include
-Anna's entertainment (lunch out, coffee, beers etc.)
-Dominik's entertainment
-Music (Dominik's instrument budget)
-Art (Anna's art supply budget)
-Un-categorized expenses
-Olive Green Anna expenses

Neither of us have a smart phone yet, so we keep track on paper.

Where do you keep track of your spending? Do you use an app?

Business Time!

 It's the beginning of the month a fresh new start.  I had a fantastic August Break and now I am inspired and ready to create, blog and dive into my business plan.

These are my Shop priorities for this month.  What do you hope to achieve this month?


Making the tough prettier...
 Yesterday I took the day off.  I painted my nails. 

 Didn't take any shop photos....

 took a 3 hour nap...

Read a bit of my new book...

and there was one thing I wanted to tackle before leaving to watch and photograph my husband play cover songs with a band at the Graduation Ball at the teachers college here in Heidelberg. 

I am not very inclined to paying attention to details when it comes to things that aren't fun.  Like keeping track of bank stuff, insurance, just official documents in general. 

So I have been wanting to tackle my important documents folder for some time.  However it wasn't called "Important Documents" it was called....
 Though the color of the binder was great.  The label just articulated my feeling towards the content of the folder. 
There also was this second folder, which was packed with things that I threw in there when I moved to Germany 10 months ago. 

After looking through the papers, I found a lot of treasures.  I found an amazing recommendation letter from a teacher in highschool, quite a few of my art awards from University, proof that I have a teaching degree, proof that I got a 3.4 in highschool and Uni.  (Strange that it was the same overall grade. haha).  I also have proof that I am insured, and that I am paying off my loans, and that I have a visa to live here and work here in Germany.  The documents in this folder are really great documents that prove wonderful things. 

After sifting through them and having a bit of a transformation of my mind I gave the folder a new name. 

With an old map, a new folder, and some letter stickers from a friend, it was looking mighty fine..

 Do you have something that you just put off because it seems like the worst thing ever to do or get better at?  I feel like there a quite a few things, like this in my life and maybe I just need to take another look at them and see what they really are to me. 

One of my perspectives to change, has to do with my over flowing mail box.  I love my distant friends so much but it is too much to tackle for some reason.  I hope to share my progress on this mess with you someday.

Thanks for reading lovelies!