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Artist Residency: Berlin
I'm off to Berlin for an artist residency. I am dedicating a month away to making art in the capital of Germany. Away from my home, friends, family, except the baby in my belly he/she's coming with me.

I'm participating in an artist residency at Berlin Art Institute for the month. YAY! I'm hoping for it to be a time of focus, feedback, and growth. I have been feeling somewhat like an island here in Heidelberg. I do blog/co-work at Action House but I long to be around other artists and to discuss and talk about my and their work.

Reading through the Berlin Art Institute's Studio Program makes me really excited about my time there: studio space, workshops, critiques about my work, a few lectures, etc. I am so delighted for the opportunity. I'll be living in the van, and it is pricey, but I'm really hopeful that it will be a great next step into artisthood. I just can't pass up the chance. We're paying for this residency out of our own pockets, but for upcoming residencies and artistic endeavors we may need to seek some support.

My hope is that, by the end of my time in Berlin I will have:

  • gotten feedback and discussed my artwork with artists, curators, and gallerists
  • sharpened my focus conceptually
  • experimented and discovered new ways to communicate my ideas visually
  • a collection of strong pieces for my shop, portfolio, and art show in October

This sounds like a lot. It is a lot, but I'm hoping that without a home, husband, and friends to distract me, I can zoom in and focus on myself as an artist.

Thanks for encouraging me in my artistic pursuits and as always, thanks for reading lovelies!


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