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This year I resolve to...

1. Try a new recipe every month
I know this doesn't seem like much but I get into a real rut when it comes to cooking. But I also have to be realistic with myself.

2. Make photo albums
I still haven't made our wedding album. It's been over two years. yikes.  I want to do an album for 2011 and 2012 also!

3. Open a pop up shop in Heidelberg

4. Write a new song
I have not written any new music for two years.

5. Weekly date night with Dominik
We have succeeded at this the past two years! And I plan on following it through this year too. It has become something I need.

6. Pay off a whole lot of debt:
We are swimming in it right now and I am sure sick of it. It is only school loans but still, we're trapped.  I cannot wait for the day we are debt free.

7. Have 300 items in my Etsy shop at one time
This is hard because I keep making sales.  I want to get a lot of selection in the shop so that you all have lots of treasures to choose from.

8. Organize the garage

9. Find a church/get involved with good things happening in the city

10. Publish some small PDF books

11. Get fit!
Work out two times a week

12. 365 iphoneography.