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Pop Up Shop Closing Sale
I know there are several people who have been wanting to visit my shop and just haven't or can't because they live across the seas.

Well, I am offering a cazy online and offline sale coming up on the 24th of May.  It is seven days long.  A one time offer of 50 % off!

I have had so much support and have felt so loved in this process of having a shop, so I am feeling very generous!

Please share this with your friends.  I know I would appreciate this insider tip!

Have a great week!


Free Shipping
To celebrate 2 years of Olive Green Vintage I would like to offer FREE SHIPPING for the month of November.

When placing your order over 80$ add coupon code "OVER80" to receive free shipping.  

Remember this sale is only for the month of November 2012.

Thank you for your support and purchases these past two years.  They ensure that my dream job can be a reality!

 Only orders over 80$ will be awarded free shipping.  If coupon code is used for orders under 80$ the order will be canceled. 

Thank you for reading lovelies,

Salon Blanc May 2012
At the beginning of May my man Dominik went to a mini sale in Frankfurt, representing and selling Olive Green Anna Vintage.  The sale is called Salon Blanc and I was very excited to go and join it, however I got really sick and stayed home coughing and wishing I were there. 

 He returned home raving about the other sellers and the space.  He also enjoyed his time selling.  He brought these wonderful photos back with him on my camera!

 Husband of mine,
Thank you so much for supporting my dreams and my passions.  I felt very loved by you this day and I appreciate your love and support so very much!!!
 love, your wife anna

SOFA-Fashion Show
I hinted at this wonderful event a few weeks ago but now it is in full swing.  In just over a week I will be joining Julia and my dear husband's Jazz band in a SOFA "Sound & Fashion" Night at action house here in Heidelberg.

 There will be live Jazz, classic cocktails, a fashion show, and stands selling the presenters goods. The fashion show will include my original vintage, Julia's hand sewn from vintage designs, and Julia's new Jewelry line.  There will be both male and female models.  It should be a wonderful time!

If you live in Heidelberg, make sure to mark your calenders for Vintage SOFA on Saturday May 12th!!!