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Pop Up Shop: Glorione Designs

When the prospects of opening a pop up shop in Heidelberg were looking good I decided to invite some other creatives and makers to join me and sell their treasures in my shop along with me!  Some of my favorite locals jumped on board and have their lovely wares available in my shop.  

One of those lovelies is Julia die Nähkönigin and her brand Glorione.  She is selling jewelry and clutches made out of leather scraps in my shop. 

Locals, come on over to the shop, check them out and try them on.  My shops open M-S from 17:00-20:00.

If you live far away, you can visit her shop at

Have a great day!

Sewing Courses in my Pop Up Shop in Heidelberg

My time in the Pop Up Shop has been quite successful so far.  I have had many visitors and sales.  People are pleased to have a fun shop like this in Heidelberg.  I am excited for the up coming 



Die Naehkoenigin

 is offering sewing courses at my Vintage Pop Up Shop in Heidelberg on select Mondays 

from 18:00-21:00.  

Ladies who knit

 are welcome to come and knit also!  

If you'd like to join in and sew a beginner piece visit her 


 to know what to bring and how to sign up!  

Depending on how many people sign up she may


have them every Monday in May so sign up and then stay in contact with


I look forward to seeing you there!  

P.S. Julia Sentman (Nähkönigin) showed her collection at the Sound & Fashion night with me.  A wonderful collection.  I want to make one of these collared poncho like shirts!  I love the look of it. 



Shirt to Dress Restyle

I have been waiting to share this project with you for some time now.  I am super proud of it because I am just a beginner in sewing.  And this dress turned out just great.

 It is currently my favorite dress and if I could, I would wear it everyday.

 I bought this vintage shirt.  It is 4 sizes too big for me but I could see that it could become a fantastic dress.  So, I took it to my friends at Action House and asked the Naehkoenigin for help.  They gave me some tips about how to execute it.  They were a wonderful resource.

Like I said, a few months ago I love shirt-dresses and I am so excited to have one in this lovely floral pattern.

 I took the sleeves off, took the sides in and added the sleeves to the bottom for some extra length.

Have you been sewing anything these days? I am really loving getting back into it!

Thanks for reading lovelies,


I have also shortened a few pieces for the shop which turned out fantastically!  Hurray for sewing.
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Enjoying Patricia's Gift-Part 1


My family didn't do presents this year.  However, I received the most wonderful of gifts from great friend patricia.(she lives across the seas from me!)  I must share them here with you.

She must have spend hours on this amazing embroidered Olive Green Anna piece.  I feel incredibly loved!    I cannot say how much it makes me smile when I walk into my home,  it is a jewel on my entry way wall.

Thank you Patricia!