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Simplistic Summer Style
We're on summer holidays from school!  I love being a teacher and having 6 weeks of summer is such a wonderful bonus. It is a big relief to have all grades in, classroom tidy and packed away, and students home with their families. I only have to care for myself and my husband for the next month. It's a wonderful feeling.

It's time to pack up my bags and head to the good ole USA this summer. I've really been feeling the warmth these past weeks. One thing I am loving in summer are simplistic and light dresses. I have a few but I am going to keep my eyes peeled while in the states for some basic summer dresses.

Here are a few that look just perfect for our US city travels this summer.

NYC, Summer of 1969

White RuffleyShirt Dress

Summer Cyclist. 

What are your go-to summer styling pieces?



Day 4-My first attempt at capturing Street Style
I have tried many a time taking photos of people's wonderful style on the street without them knowing it.  But the other day was my first time asking someone if I could take a shot of them for my blog.

Here is the result...

This lovely lady drew me to her with her specktacles and interesting coat.  I don't think I have ever seen a coat like that.  Her layering was wonderful and though it didn't give her much of a shapely silhouette it made her look comfy and chic.  I appreciated her look.

I will try and gain up the courage to ask a few more people in these coming months.  It is tough to ask and especially to ask in German.  Yikes.  I get very self conscious!

thanks for reading lovelies!