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Central Park

Experiencing new places is like nothing else. I feel uncertain, trying to grasp where things are directionally, while enjoying the new sights and smells. One gets a heightened sensitivity to things. Buildings, plants, and people look different. The first day is usually the one where I notice all the differences to home. Our journey began in NYC which was  a great transition stop for us from our home in Europe. It was easy to get around on public transport, a big city, lots of variety in food, cultures, and activities. 

While traveling I've noticed the importance of versatile clothing. This year, I have found the most perfect, summer, travel dress. It's light weight, flowy, and chic. It can easily be dressed up or down. I could wear it to a wedding or to the park. It's wrinkly out of the suitcase but that's just the life of a low budget traveler.

The trip has been a delight so far.

To follow as we travel, in real time follow me 

@olivegreenanna on instagram

. (I only occasionally have extended periods of internet access to blog.) 

Have a great beginning to august!



It's been snowing!
In Heidelberg it doesn't snow much but the past few days it has been snowing on and off, consistently.  Nothing is really sticking, but it is gorgeous as it falls.

Dominik snapped these pictures of my old man sweater outfit on our way to a restaurant.  This weekend we went on a brunch date because we couldn't squeeze an evening date during the week.  As I always say, date night is one of our/my main priorities.

Though it is such a priority, it is hard to keep it that way sometimes.  It is easy to overlook its importance.  If I don't get my date time, I don't feel close to Dominik.  Which then effects many other things...

 I assume it will get harder and harder to keep it a priority.  Especially once kids come.  But that's why I really want to keep it a part of our habit and keep it #1 in planning the week.

Thanks for reading lovelies.

Are you sick of me taking about how important date night is?  I think I have probably mentioned it once a week.

It's Fall

I can't deny it.  It is fall.  The leaves are turning.  Many of my wild flowers are finally blooming and I want to stay at home all snuggled up more than ever!

I will miss the flowers in my garden when winter arrives.  But until then I will delight in this beautiful brisk autumn season.

{outfit details: Everything vintage apart from shoes: Buffalo}


Gardening Outfit
 One thing I love most about spring is our green garden!!!!

Outfit details: Sweatshirt: Thrifted, Dress: too old to remember, Thailand market somewhere.

It's a lot of work to watch out for and water the plants but I have a feeling we will have some tasty fresh treats pretty soon. 

Do you grow anything at your home?

Casual Saturday
This would be a typical day outfit for me on a weekend.  After a late breakfast with my Love, without, makeup and not having glanced in a mirror.  Pretty good huh?

It has taken a lot of healing and telling truth to my self to come to this place of contentment and delight in my own appearance.  

Of course I would have loved to Photoshop some of my imperfections out of these images, however what is perfect anyways?  I am perfect.  I was created beautifully.  Just like you.

Thanks for reading.


Do you ever look in the mirror and think "Hey, not so bad!" or "I'm beautiful." ?
Well, I sure hope so.  (if you don't, it takes time for the truth to takeover the lies.)

{Outfit-  Coat: Amisu,  Shoes:  Buffalo,   Socks: Oma Knit, Pants: Market in Thailand, Scarf: Vintage,  Shirt: Vintage  Earrings: Joel Wakeman}
I got these earrings from an amazing designer and carpenter, named Joel Wakeman. They are my favorite color as you can see!!!

My husband shot these photos of me. He is getting to be a champ with the camera.  We had a wonderful couple of days in Ann Arbor.  I am excited to spend more time there in the future!


Day 4-My first attempt at capturing Street Style
I have tried many a time taking photos of people's wonderful style on the street without them knowing it.  But the other day was my first time asking someone if I could take a shot of them for my blog.

Here is the result...

This lovely lady drew me to her with her specktacles and interesting coat.  I don't think I have ever seen a coat like that.  Her layering was wonderful and though it didn't give her much of a shapely silhouette it made her look comfy and chic.  I appreciated her look.

I will try and gain up the courage to ask a few more people in these coming months.  It is tough to ask and especially to ask in German.  Yikes.  I get very self conscious!

thanks for reading lovelies!

Artist Feature: Leah Reena Goren
This charming illustrator Leah caught me with her charming and humorous patterns and textiles.  They consist of mushrooms, cats, fungus, bears, and many more strange and exquisite things.

Her shop is just lovely.
Leah is on her way to finish a degree in illustration at Parsons in New York.  Her work is stunning and quirky.  It is amazing current work portraying lovely details and capturing current humans like her "Internet Girls."

To see more of her work, you can visit her Website here, blog here, and shop here.

Thank you Leah for creating such beautiful work and sharing it with us.

Thank you readers for appreciating this artist with me.



Best thing about elastic waisted Skirts


I know you are probably thinking, oh so that one can gain a number of pounds and still wear things in their closet.  Though that is true,  I have another reason in mind.  

I love elastic waisted skirts because they can be a wonderful midi length skirt at school, when I am teaching.  

And then in the evenings and on weekends, it can become a lovely little mini dress.  Just add a belt. 

Have any of you ever styled your elastic waisted skirts like this?  It's a wonderful trick to stretch your closet.  

What are some of your lovely tricks to stretch your closet?

I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading.

Etsy Teacher Style File.
Oh man I have been finding some lovely teacher style items on etsy these days.  Check these charmers out!

Olive Green Oxfords are you kidding me? They are even in my size.  I might have to ask dominik if we can increase my teacher style budget...) 

Pretty Mustard Cardigan

I'm all about white blouses when it comes to teacher outfits. 

All teachers need some beastly large bags to lug to school and back...

 Or this satchel.  It could work well for my bike...

Yokoo just makes me excited for the fall.  Thank you Yokoo

Thanks for reading lovelies.

And who of you lovely readers are teachers?