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5 Must Eat Thai Treats

Most everyone knows that Thai food is splendidly delicious.  But next time you go out to eat it, cook it yourself, or visit Chiang Mai (Thailand), be sure to try out a lot of things to find what you like!  Below are a few of my most favourite treats. 

Moo Satay (pork satay)
This is pretty self explanatory but the peanut sauce that comes with it, is to die for!!!

Kao Soi (curried egg noodle soup)
It is a delicious meal which is a northern Thai specialty, but it is usually pretty spicy for the western tongue. If you don't like spicy food, you may not want to order Kao Soi. 

Kway Teow (rice noodle chicken soup)
This is my #1  favourite dish! It's not complicated or super tasty, but it is a comfort food. Who dosen't love chicken noodle soup. One of the great things about many thai dishes, is that you can spice them however you like. Using vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, and chilli, you can make your own combination of taste depending on your preferences. 

Thai Ice Cream Sandwiches (coconut ice-cream in wonder bread)
These are one of the weirdest and most wonderful thai specialties. They are such a refreshing snack on a hot day. Again, you can customise them, adding peanuts, sweet sticky rice, jelly, condensed milk or "chocolate sauce". Or a combination of them all. 

Roti (fried greasy pancake with sweet and condensed milk!)
These are by no means good for folks with high cholesterol. However, the occasional doey, thin, fluffy, pancake cooked swimming in oil, lathered in sweet and condensed milk and sugar does every soul good. 

Mango and Sticky Rice (coconut milk sweet sticky rice with fresh ripe mango)
Do not miss this! Even try making it at home if you have to!

Guava Juice
This is just one of the many exotic salty fruit juices you can enjoy in Thailand. Try them all to see which is your favourite. 

Fruit Shakes (Watermelon Lime)
Like many tropical countries there is such an amazing plethora of fruits available. Many restaurants provide a variety of fruit shakes. You can also ask for them to make strange combinations, like watermelon lime which is one of my favourites. 

Now it's your turn. 

What are your favourite thai dishes, snacks, or drinks?



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Travel: Top 3 Markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand is such a wonderful place. It is a medium sized city with dozens of splendid local spots. Thailand, in general, has great markets. Chiang Mai has a whole lot of them, below are my top three. 

Wararot Market or Kad Luang

Kad Luang is not to miss! It's incredibly colourful and diverse. It has a flower section, spices, fruits, clothes, and fabrics. Everything is sold at great prices. It is where the locals go to grocery shop. There are not the classic souvenirs here, but you could buy some classic thai rubber flip flops, or some jarred chilly paste for your friends back home!

Sunday Walking Street

This market has lots of lovely handmade things, souvenirs, and yummy snacks. In the past 10 years it has become quite popular.  I would advise going early in the evening (around 4:30 or 5pm) or late (11pm) to avoid crowds.

Na Macho Market (Market across from CMU)

This market is for the hip young things (which I still consider myself). They have cute clothes (if you're thai size), trendy accessories, and some nice second hand shops. This is where all the uni students shop for their short skirts and coloured contact lenses. Very interesting place.

Other blogs such as

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have great market guides to check out before visiting Chiang Mai. I just wanted to mention the three I had to see in my short visit.

Chiang Mai'ers which markets are your favourites?



How to Save Enough to Travel

When telling people we flew to Thailand for Spring Break, I can just see the wanderlust in their eyes. Germans usually are pretty good at traveling and taking vacation time. However, Americans are not!  

When living in America, people spoke about overseas travel as if it was a wonder that they would never experience. Honestly, it probably is for most Americans. If we're not getting a regular pay check, we go out every weekend, or we don’t budget for it, we won’t have the monetary resources to see new exotic places. 

Thailand is not new to me, but traveling there is a priority. Now, most Americans only get a few weeks off a year! These weeks are spent visiting family and friends. Family is very important to me too, but getting to see new places is something I also prioritise. As far as vacation days goes, I am fortunate enough to have a teaching job, which gives me weeks of breaks from work!! Yoo Hoo! 

I also am fortunate to have a decent paying job, and a husband who loves to travel.  

My husband and I both work part-time and do creative things on the side, making just over two thousand euros every month. Our expenses if we, don’t go out too often, buy few birthday and christmas gifts, and spend very little on clothing, comes out to about 1,200 Euros a month. That leaves 800 Euros for us to pay a bit of our loans off and when we are planning a trip to put up to 500 Euros a month away for that. 

    2,000 Income
  - 1,200 Expenses
       800 To pay off debt and/or save up!  

After four months we have enough for two plane tickets to a wonderful place. 

Do you want to travel anywhere anytime soon?

Now, you, may not be able to save up as much as us, or may be able to save up even more. Just do some calculations. If you want to make travel a priority it starts with your budget.  

Saving up to travel means being thrifty in other areas. Dominik and I don’t often go out to dinner, go out for drinks. I don’t buy new clothes, including jeans, bras, tops, shoes, until they have holes or fall apart. If you are willing to put your impulse spending to a stop, then I think you are ready to put your money where your dreams are! 

Thanks for reading lovelies! 


Do you want to travel? Where?  
Somewhere beyond the sea...
Koh Samui... We stayed on this busy island for three days.  Lazing about. 

We stayed on Lamai Beach the sand was rough but the water was beautiful. 
We bought fruit for breakfast and beverages for the evening.  We ate lunch most days at Tesco Lotus (a big shopping center with cheap thai dishes....).  Koh Samui is very big and developed.  

A short boat trip took us to Koh Tao (Turtle Island).  Far less inhabited and mostly caters to Scuba Divers.   We started at Mae Had Bay on the West side in the middle. 
Naturally we enrolled in a scuba course.  We both loved snorkeling so surely we would delight in scuba.  We got free accommodation free with the scuba diving course we signed up for.

A modest fan bungalow treated us well...
Diving was amazing the underwater world is so stunning.  It is crazy that God had made this colorful world that we rarely get to see. 
We are excited about further diving adventures.

The series below is of Dominik jumping off the diving boat during a "surface time" wait between dives...

checking the gear to make sure it is safe to dive with....

Diving is wonderful we highly recommend it...
sunset on Koh Tao.

After the diving course we moved to another bay called Tien Ok Bay, on the south side.  Other wise known as Shark Bay. 
our ocean view..
dominik in our first furniture purchase as a couple...  A HAMMOCK!!!

Reading is most all we do these days...  Anna's reading Life of Pi... It's really good...
This is the sunrise view through our window in the mornings.  We sit up for moments at a time exclaiming at its beauty before snoozing on the alarm clock once more.  Waking again to delight it its progress 10 minutes later.... 

Married life is great...
dominik is flying to Thailand.

Oh I would love to join him in that long transit to thailand. I am so excited to be home. He will be there very soon. He will be delighting in my family and friends. which will be good for them to have some quality times without me there. He is part of the family now that's for sure. no turning back.

He is flying right now as we speak.