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Put Worry in its Place
I've been realizing I have let worry take over my mind a bit lately. I've been worrying about students, upcoming exhibitions, being productive enough, or recent times when I've messed up or hurt someone.

I've been allowing my worry to influence my life and rob me of sleep. I've been reading into it a bit and practicing a few of these things the past few weeks and they are helping.

Do What's in Your Power.
If you're worried about something coming up, do what you can for it. Once you have done what you can, acknowledge all that you have done, all the good in your life. Practicing gratitude instead of worry makes new connections in your brain and you (we) will slowly become a more positive, happy person (people).

Leave the Rest Behind.
I need to stop worrying about the past. When things occur or I am embarrassed, when I really goof up, there is nothing I can do about it. I can apologize and try to make it right if that is appropriate, but otherwise it's in the past. We can't turn back time. So, There is no point in giving those negative thoughts room in my mind any longer.

For things in the furture...We (myself included) need to be okay with having things that are not in our control.

Write It Down
Give yourself 10-20 minutes to worry and let it be constructive. Worrying can be good, it often saves us from bad things that could happen, but we shouldn't give ourselves too much time to worry.  Wait on your worry, until it is a good time to write it down or talk about it. Don't give worry too much space in your brain.

Imagine Things Turning out Well
-Rather than dwelling on everything that could go wrong. Why not imagine all the things going right. Imagine how happy you will be when things turn out wonderfully.

I'm going to continue practicing these things...I hope they are helpful to you too.

What kind of things do you do to keep a positive attitude and diminish worry?

Thanks for reading lovelies.


A Quick Way to Get Productive

Set a timer and  determine a reward. It's important for me to set aside specific time and to have a small reward in place so that I can mark my accomplishment for whichever task is at hand.

1. Putting a timer on helps me stay focused. I usually work in either 30 or 50 minute intervals depending on how long I need to do something. I'll take 5 minute breaks in between. I use my IPhone as a timer, and sometimes use apps like, 30/30 or Weple Today. Setting the timer, and putting away all other distractions for a scheduled amount of time helps me to focus tremendously. It's important to take 5-10 minute breaks every hour, get up and move around, get something to drink, or get some fresh air. If you just power through you're more likely loose steam faster, and it's not very healthy to stay in one position for too long.

2. Rewards motivate me immensely. I have noticed that if I determine a small reward that I can treat myself with, I am more motivated to follow through. It could be as small as a cocktail at the end of the workday, a magazine, or it could be as big as a pair of fair-trade designer shoes. The important thing is that my accomplishment is acknowledged and I can mark my progress. The treat is just symbolic and fun.

I'm writing this post for you as much as I am for myself. 

It's a new year. A new chance to really do what we have been wanting to do. Let's get shit done.

Thanks for reading.



5 Tips to Avoid a Winter Funk

It's about this time of year in the northern hemisphere when the days get significantly shorter, and it seems too cold to go out. Growing up in Thailand, which had no winter, did not prepare me for the grey days of winter. If I don't watch out I easily fall into a winter funk. 

So here are a few tips to keep your spirits bright during the cold months. These tips are for me just as much as they are for you.

Resist the urge to hibernate! Find out what's happening in your town, go out with friends, visit cafes and coffee shops on your days off. Just getting out of the house on the weekends will help you stay engaged in your community and thinking about things beyond yourself.

Dress well. Those days in sweatpants and jeans are wonderful, but if there are too many of them they affect the spirit, and make me feel grimy. So, this winter we need to remember to keep looking good even when our outfits are covered with big coats.

Listen to new music. I know this may not seem like it will help, but being adventurous keeps life exciting! Even though we can't go on summer hikes or swimming in the lake, we can be adventurous with thing like our music. It's about time we bought some new records and favorited some new bands on Spotify. 

Count your blessings. Acknowledging things that are great in my life, things I am thankful for, always lifts my spirits. I like writing them down, talking about them with friends, or sharing them on instagram. Just thinking about all the lovely things in my life keep me in a positive mindset. 

Do more of what you love. Usually things you love to do, somehow get put on the back burner. Whether it is going for walks, baking, or reading. For me one of my most favourite things that I rarely do is, make things. So, this winter I am going to take time to make! 

pppssst... I'll share a bit of what I've been creating later this week...

What tips do you have to keep out of a funk?

Have a lovely funk-free day!



"Sommer Pause" (summer break: in German)

I know that everyone loves vacation, but I realize that many have very little time to take off.  

This is one thing that Germans really value.  Vacation time.  Most all Germans have at least a month off every year.  They take a few weeks off in summer, a week off at Christmas and maybe a week around easter.  They love vacation and can really set things aside as they take a break.  

I can be somewhat of a Workaholic, much like my mom.  So, I think for folks like us, we need to really set time aside to not do anything. 

It August I took a vacation!  It did me good to get out of the house and spend time just being. 

In addition to taking time off my day job, I didn't work on my shop, and I took a vacation from this blog. That was a challenge because this blog doesn't feel like work to me.  I participated in the August Break.   I stepped away from the little pressures of blogging and just shared visually.  

This vacation and even break from the things I love in my life, really helped me to value them.  The break made me really excited to get back into it.  Back to writing on the blog, back to working on my business.  I am super inspired and ready to get back to work.  

Have you taken a vacation this year?  A break from the pressures of life, even the good ones?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences of it.  

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Happiness Tip: Read a Book you have been wanting to Read
I know that your book list is probably pages long.  However, just choose one that you have been wanting to read for sometime and get started.

It takes just one book to get you back into reading.  I have read for fun more this past two years than ever in my life.  It has been about a book every 2 months, but that is a lot for me.  It all started with the book The life of Pi.  Have you read it?  

Tip: Don't Put Things Off
Putting things off, just makes me feel yucky.  When I just get right to it, I feel a whole lot better and much more accomplished.

Though watching a movie, or surfing the web seems funner at the time, those are things that I can reward myself with once I have accomplished what I want to avoid.

Laundry is one of these for me.  It can always be done tomorrow! 

What do you put off that would be better just to do right now?

Tip: Burn Some Candles

I know it sounds silly but this little act of burning a few candles really improves my mood, and makes a pleasant atmosphere.

I have only recently discovered this little bit of happiness that such a small thing can bring.

I put my vanilla tea lights in old peanut butter, nutella, and honey jars.  It makes for a simplistic and lovely candle display.  

Thanks for reading,


Tip: Drink More Tea
I am loving this Happiness Series.    Here's a tid bit of something that makes me happy. 

Having a nice "Cup'a" is a wonderful relaxing thing.  Even the ritual of making it reminds me that I can give myself little enjoyable treats like this.

 If you don't like tea like one of my bestest of friends, substitute with coffee, or hot coco.  

Thank you for reading.


What is one of your little treats for yourself?