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One Night in Amsterdam.
On our trip to the U.S.  We had a 12 hour lay over in Amsterdam. It was from 8pm to 8am. Yikes.   It was a couple hundred dollars cheaper than a direct flight from Frankfurt to Detroit.  
 We had been wanting to see Amsterdam for sometime anyway, so we decided for it.  This little night trip just wet our lips to the beautiful city. 
 We walked through the city for 3 hours, stopped to eat Indian food, and carried on walking through the streets.  To our surprise everything closed by 3am.  We then headed back to the airport and slept for a few hours, almost missing our plane to detriot. 

This was our first stint of our trip...  It was a fun beginning to our adventure. 

We are now enjoying family time and my grandpa's house in Ohio.  Visiting with family and eating delicious food.  My posts from now on will be infrequent for a few weeks because my Grandpa doesn't have internet.   I am delighted to be with family, but will surely miss blogging. Have a lovely holiday season...

everyday art catchup.......
I made this tonight back at the apartment in spokane.  I want her to frolic also. 

This was from on the train.  I was not super satisfied but I got very very sleepy!   So i took a nap until I arrived in Spokane at 12:30am.  sleepy sleepy

My nephew and I colored in a pirate scene at a restaurant during our wonderful family times.