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two years ago TODAY!!!

It has been a splendid time being married to this man for two years.

Thank you dominik for being such a support and such a wonderful friend these past 9 years and a fantastic husband for two.  You are my most precious treasure on the earth and I love you so!


ps. to see more wedding photos click here.  
Four months of marriage....
Have flown by can you believe it.  Four months.  I know that my not seem long for those of you who are into your 30th years and 50th years... but four months is a good chunk of time in our lives so far. 

We have never celebrated any anniversary so it is strange that be picked this one to celebrate!  We have known eachother for over 7 years and have been dating for 4 and a half and we celebrated tonight.  To celebrate this evening we went to a grodey pub/eatery around the corner from our house.  We watched football and phil collins music videos on the Tv.  It was a good time. 

I wanted to share the photos that Miranda (our photographer/my cousin) took with her medium format film camera during the wedding.  They are really lovely.  I took some quick shots of them to share with you...  They are lovely and we are going to make some large prints we hope soon!


 These are from after the wedding! 

Cheers to my husband. He is a lovely man.  I look forward to many more months, and years with you!

Somewhere beyond the sea...
Koh Samui... We stayed on this busy island for three days.  Lazing about. 

We stayed on Lamai Beach the sand was rough but the water was beautiful. 
We bought fruit for breakfast and beverages for the evening.  We ate lunch most days at Tesco Lotus (a big shopping center with cheap thai dishes....).  Koh Samui is very big and developed.  

A short boat trip took us to Koh Tao (Turtle Island).  Far less inhabited and mostly caters to Scuba Divers.   We started at Mae Had Bay on the West side in the middle. 
Naturally we enrolled in a scuba course.  We both loved snorkeling so surely we would delight in scuba.  We got free accommodation free with the scuba diving course we signed up for.

A modest fan bungalow treated us well...
Diving was amazing the underwater world is so stunning.  It is crazy that God had made this colorful world that we rarely get to see. 
We are excited about further diving adventures.

The series below is of Dominik jumping off the diving boat during a "surface time" wait between dives...

checking the gear to make sure it is safe to dive with....

Diving is wonderful we highly recommend it...
sunset on Koh Tao.

After the diving course we moved to another bay called Tien Ok Bay, on the south side.  Other wise known as Shark Bay. 
our ocean view..
dominik in our first furniture purchase as a couple...  A HAMMOCK!!!

Reading is most all we do these days...  Anna's reading Life of Pi... It's really good...
This is the sunrise view through our window in the mornings.  We sit up for moments at a time exclaiming at its beauty before snoozing on the alarm clock once more.  Waking again to delight it its progress 10 minutes later.... 

Married life is great...
Successful wedding times!
Here is a little sneak peek into our wedding times..  The wedding was wonderful.  We have been having a lovely time being married.  I will update with some more photos very soon.

Our beautiful wedding party.....

The honeymoon has been great so far.
I've been putting my intentional, daily creating aside while I plan the biggest party of my life!  It is really fun.  I am getting more and more excited about the festivities!... 

Dominik is arriving a little less than a week from now.  We have been speaking on the phone semi-frequently.  This last bit of our long distance is surprisingly trying.  You'd think long distance would get easier well, I think it has gotten harder.

Dominik has been a wonderful man to plan with.  We both seem to know what we want and don't want which helps a lot.  We have been agreeing most of the time.  thank the good lord.  He is really interested in helping with the wedding preparations which is just delightful.  I knew he would be.... thanks Baby Snacks.

Mama and I have been planning a whole lot.  I think we have gone to the fabric store 6 times in the last week.  She has been super supportive and delighting in the ideas I have for the wedding which is wonderful.

Sarah and Patricia have been here helping a lot also.  They got measured and fitted for their dresses and they looked lovely!  I cannot wait to see all the lovelies together wearing my favorite colors.

I'm sure that all the out of town guests are getting excited for the wedding also.  Some of them have been long awaiting a trip to Thailand.  I am so excited for them to experience this beautiful land.

Oh I am just so very excited for all the upcoming festivities. 


something special happened.

hello lovelies...

domink and I have been having great times. We've traveled a lot and been camping and hanging out with family a ton. These past few days we have been at a camping spot on lake Konstance, cooking, swimming, napping, and drinking delicious cold beers by the lake. I am convinced that dominik is a great catch.

Last sunday dominik and I were heading down to the lake for a trip away by ourselves for a while. we stopped at a gas station for dom to go pee in a bush. I went in the real washroom and when i came out Dominik was no where to be found. I saw the basket of a hot air balloon in the back of a trailer at the gas station and just looked at it thinking about who would get to fly in it. Then it began to rain. Dominik called from under a tree near the car. I couldn't see him at first. He then bossed be about, saying I should get a card on my seat in the car and then that I shouldn't get it and then I should and oh, I should lock the car, and then I should come to him because he wanted to "show me something." I was a little bit annoyed at this point. I went towards him. I read the card. It quoted song of songs and it was part of a series of notes from Dominik over this whole trip. The quote said the time of rain and storm are over the time to celebrate is now or something like that. I cheekyly said "I guess you didn't plan to give this to me in the rain." and he replied "well, I did plan this." (classic line.)
He proceeded to pull off his shirt. Underneath was a neon yellow shirt reading "marry me anna".
"what? really? yes". we hugged, my eyes teared up. He then gave me an envelope that read "Come fly with me." he said "do you know what it is?" My thought was oh yeah it is rings. but inside were two tickets for a hot air balloon ride. I was shocked. "no way." yeah.. come on.
We drove to meet everyone and the same hot air balloon basket that was in the trailer was out in a field and we walked towards the hot air balloon. we helped set it up and then we got into it. We were in the air for about an hour and it was amazing. I have been obsessed with hot air balloons for a long time. their shape. I've drawn them a lot and thought about how obsolete they are and I have always wanted to ride in one.
It was the most extravagant day. the most impressive engagement. I am excited for our lives together.
the moral of the story is....

Save up money and vacation days for Early August 2010 for a wedding and festivities in Thailand. We don't have a date or any preparations. but we are planning for early august in thailand. so you better plan for that too.

have a goose day...

anna and dom