Original Art Coupon

Original Art Coupon

from 50.00

With this purchase, you may gift a friend or family member either €50, €100, €200, €300 or €500 off of an original painting by yours truly, Olive Green Anna.

This coupon can be used on an original work from my online shop, a commission order, or a local purchase at a gallery show. I am always making new work so it can be for a piece that hasn't been made yet.

*Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email and I will work closely with you and your gift recipient.

I sell paintings through this shop on my website. I ship pieces all over the world. I also make commission work, if you have a certain size or color scheme you'd like me to work in I am open to working in collaboration with you.

Why not gift art to your loved ones, and support a living artist while you’re at it.

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