Couldn't Control You #8

Couldn't Control You #8




Mixed media painting on stretched canvas: acrylic, pastel, ink, spray, gouache.

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This piece is an artwork part of this series about control vs. chaos. This piece uses a contained and controlled shape of the circle, with wild and swirly paint in the middle of it.

My artwork has both spontaneous and chance brush strokes, as well as control and precision in the details. When seen more closely, there is a definite painterly quality to it. I began making these circular paintings when I became pregnant with my first born son. They continue to ignite my curiosity and bring clarity and beauty to my life through the process of creating them.

*This artwork cannot be shipped out until mid April 2019. It will first be shown at Art and Streetfood Festival in Ladenburg, Heidelberg. You may order/purchase the piece and it will be shipped out to you as soon as the show is over.

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