Hush Wild #4

Hush Wild #4


2018, Mixed Media, Acrylic paint, ink, pastel, spray, gouache on stretched canvas,  100X100cm

I made this work as part of a meditative series incorporating nature in and around me as my inspiration. These works were painted after having discovered I was pregnant for the third time.

During pregnancy, I am moved by the power of nature. It's at times subtle power and other times overwhelming power. The act of growing a healthy human is very much out of my control. Nature within me is at work now in the pregnancy. Nature will take over, when I feel most powerful and wild, when giving birth.

This series is meditative for me, all about a push and pull of the paint. Moving it and influencing it but then letting it move on its own too. It's wild yet influenced, much like the nature in and around us.

*international shipping included.

This piece will be shipped or delivered stretched. Packaged to ensure no damage to the painting, using layers of bubble wrap, card, and a cardboard box.

*This artwork cannot be shipped out until mid April 2019. It will first be shown at Art and Streetfood Festival in Ladenburg, Heidelberg. You may order/purchase the piece and it will be shipped out to you as soon as the show is over.

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