Used to Be Home #1

Used to Be Home #1



Mixed Media Painting on canvas, Acrylic, Pastel, Ink, Spray, Fabric

This work is my most recent work. Made during a residency in Chiang Mai, Thailand, winter 2017. It is a reflection and return to my previous orb paintings, but exploring new mediums such as fabric, and spray. I have included text and some fabric which are from my personal history.

Used To Be Home #01, continues my exploration of my body of work exploring control and letting go. Both conceptually and technically. I have been practicing action painting as well as, making marks with the wrong hand and using inks and fluid paints that are difficult to control.

This work is one of the first that I have included fabric into. This fabric is one of the textiles I used in our wedding 7 years ago. I can choose a mate, but I obviously can't control whether we will be together forever.

As humans we have a certain amount of influence over our lives, but so much is out of our control. Using materials from my personal history, I am visually cataloguing and rewriting  my personal history.



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