Mixed Media Painting on canvas, Acrylic, Pastel, Ink, Spray, Paper, Sewing Pattern

This work is one of my most recent works. Made in our new Gallery/Atelier in Heidelberg. Could not contain this work. It just kept asking for more and more layers, more and more marks. It is textured and layered and bright. It has a mind of its own, this work.

Equation continues my exploration of my body of work exploring control and letting go. Both conceptually and technically. I have been practicing action painting as well as, making marks with the wrong hand and using inks and fluid paints that are difficult to control.

As humans we have a certain amount of influence over our lives, but so much is out of our control. I am visually cataloguing and rewriting my personal history.

 **** Please note these works will be shown in Heidelberg one last time in December 2018 before they are shipped out. If you are a collector living in Heidelberg, you may purchase the paintings but please be aware that I will need to borrow the works to hang during our celebratory exhibition of the end of this collaborative project with Dominik Baer, and his Colliding in the Dark album.


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