Mixed Media Painting on canvas, Acrylic, Ink, Gesso, on untreated canvas

This work is one of my most recent works. Made during my artist residency in Chiang Mai Thailand. It is part of a body of work which is in collaboration with my husband Dominik Baer. He is bringing out a new song every month, I am painting a new work in response to each song. Fall, is a very call quiet song about failing and getting back up. The piece visually represents the melody and vibes of the song.

The underpainting is stream of consciousness writing painted with India ink and black gesso. The white circle is a gesso and was initially intended to be a background for further painting. The work stayed this way for 3 weeks in the studio until I finally realised it was already done and signed it.

The song Fall, is about new beginnings, getting back up, starting again. This work fits to the song perfectly. To listen to the song you can find Dominik Baer on Spotify or Youtube.

**** Please note these works will be shown in Heidelberg one last time in December 2018 before they are shipped out. If you are a collector living in Heidelberg, you may purchase the paintings but please be aware that I will need to borrow the works to hang during our celebratory exhibition of the end of this collaborative project with Dominik Baer, and his Colliding in the Dark album.

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