Spinning Out

Spinning Out



Mixed Media Painting on canvas, Acrylic, Ink, Gesso, and Spray on stretched canvas

This piece is the larges work I have ever made.

It is part of a body of work which is in collaboration with my husband Dominik Baer. He is bringing out a new song every month, I am painting a new work in response to each song. Spinning Out is an energetic and lively song about adventure. The piece visually represents the melody and vibes of the song.

The underpainting is stream of consciousness writing painted with India ink and black gesso. There are layers upon layers in this painting. Acrylic and ink and then the black text written in a circular motion, and then white gesso covering under-paintings writing scratched into it. Then more layers of acrylic and spray.

The song Spinning Out is about adventure. This work fits to the song perfectly. To listen to the song you can find Dominik Baer on Spotify or Youtube.

I initially regretted agreeing to paint a new painting every month inspired by a song because the task overwhelmed me, but I am now so glad that I agreed to it, I’m freshly inspired every month and every song is so differing, it is challenging my painting practice to push ideas and processes further and further. This is most definitely a learning and growing year for me as an artist. Thank you Dominik Baer.

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