Until You Grow Old

Until You Grow Old


mixed media painting on stretched canvas,


Until You Grow Old, is part of a body of work which is a collaboration with my husband Dominik Baer. He brought out a new song every month, I painted a new artwork in response to each song. Until You Grow Old is tragic and energetic love song. Love as well as anger and betrayal are represented in the song as well as the painting.

It’s always a challenge to make something beautiful out of a hard and shitty experience but that is also one of the wonderful things about being an artist.

The painting is a mixed media abstract expressionistic painting on stretched canvas. I have used acrylic, pastel, ink, and some spray. I also have incorporating some paper, a sewing pattern, further adding texture and proof of domestic living.

*international shipping included.

This piece will be shipped or delivered stretched. Packaged to ensure no damage to the painting, using layers of bubble wrap, card, and a cardboard box.

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