Time is Now

Time is Now



Mixed Media Painting on canvas, Acrylic, Ink, Gesso, on stretched canvas

This work is one of my most recent works. Made as a commission for a collector in the UK.

It is a continuation of my orb paintings however, it has a white background and a circle of sewing pattern in the center as a ground for the main part of the painting. This work is a play between the things we can control and those we cannot. In my studio practice I am trying to let go more and more in my paintings, letting go of control.

When working on commissions, it is at times even harder to let go. I have to forget the collector in the moment and get into a mind space where it is just me and the painting in the studio.

***If you are interested in ordering a commission work, I am continuing several series of works, so if you would like to order the next piece in a series please feel free to contact me.

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