They Said, Play no.02

They Said, Play no.02


180x180cm (6x6ft)

Acrylic, Ink, Gesso, and Spray on stretched canvas

It is part of a body of work which is playful and free. It is a large piece which encouraged me to play and let go in my process. When returning to the painting time and time again to work on it further, the painting kept saying “don’t worry, don’t over think it, play.”

The underpainting is stream of consciousness writing painted with India ink and black gesso. There are layers upon layers in this painting. Acrylic and ink and then the black text written in a circular motion, and then white gesso covering under-paintings writing scratched into it. Then more layers of acrylic and spray.

They Said, Play no.02 has both free marks and drips of paint, as well as detailed layers of intentional brush strokes. The piece has immense detail when observed closely, it plays with both control and chaos. It is a delicate and subtle balance of intention and letting go.


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